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We Are Appointment Only 

 -Appointments will be strictly to times allotted.

*Please be on time to your appointment for the respect of others and their appointments.

We will consider your appointment forfeited and will charge you the full service fee if you are

10 minutes or more late according to our late/cancellation policy.*

 **If the appointment is for anyone 17 or younger,

 a Parent/Legal Guardian is REQUIRED to be present at the appointment.** 

-Please do not bring children that are not receiving the service, siblings, parents,

grandparents, or friends to the appointment. They will be turned away.

-Please fill out the consent form before your appointment time. 

-Please call the studio once you have arrived to your appointment.


We require a valid State/Government photo ID for every client being serviced.

For anyone 17 and under we require a photo ID for the parent, birth certificate for minor (to show guardianship) AND a photo ID for the minor. Guardian is to be present at appointment.





When piercing, our first concern is always the client's health and safety. We use ONLY the highest quality ASTM certified, implant grade titanium and steel, along with 14k/18k gold. All jewelry is hand polished to a mirror finish to avoid trapping body fluid and bacteria. We follow and exceed the minimum industry standards for asepsis ensuring you the cleanest procedure possible. We guarantee, for life, every piece of jewelry we sell. We guarantee all of our work and guarantee your safety before and during every procedure.


Freyja Piercing is a fully disposable studio. What this means is that we dispose of all tools that we may use during your procedure, eliminating the need of re processing things like clamps, hemostats or insertion pins. While there is nothing wrong with re processing tools if done properly, being fully disposable reduces the risk of cross contamination drastically not only for our employees but also for you! We will always take every step we can to make sure you have the cleanest, healthiest and safest piercing possible.



Piercing Specialist

I am a proud APP member and Fakir alumni!
I was always interested in the more tribal and ritualistic aspects of piercing, even from a very young age, and love the sense of community and camaraderie that comes from piercing. When I’m not piercing, I can typically be found hanging out with my daughter, or making jewelry and leather goods!



Piercing Specialist

 A proud member of the APP! 

I am proud to say that I am excited to now have our very own piercing only studio. Everyday, I strive to bring my clients the best in health and safety, customer service and jewelry selection. For me, it’s difficult to say what my favorite part of piercing is. I love watching my clients leave with smiles - whether it be from picking out a new piece of jewelry or receiving a new piercing. Every person gets pierced for many different reasons and I’m beyond grateful to be able to assist in every situation to make my clients feel more like themselves. I’m a big fan of cats and I’m a huge nerd at heart. I love video games, anything space related and strongman/powerlifting. I can’t wait to see all of you!


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