Does it hurt?

Unfortunately this isn't an easy question to answer, mainly because pain is perceptive. In general, yes, piercings do hurt; however, each person feels it differently. For the most part you will feel a small pinch while the piercing is being done, then a slight warm sensation with centralized aching for a few minutes afterwards.

What metals do you pierce with and do you pierce with rings or posts?

We only pierce with ASTMF-136 titanium, Niobium or 14k and 18k Gold jewelry. All jewelry comes with a mirror finish polish and a lifetime guarantee against any manufacture defect. The answer to style of jewelry is both! For daith piercings and septum piercings we generally ONLY use CBR's (captive bead rings) or Circular Barbells (horseshoes). For most other piercings we recommend the use of studs or barbells first to aid in the healing process. There are some piercings i will not start with rings at all and these are all things we can discuss during the consultation process.

Do you pierce minors?

Yes, we do! Just like with anything else, anatomy is the number 1 concern we check for. We also take into consideration your lifestyle (do you play sports, are you a swimmer, etc.). For earlobes our minimum age is 5; however, the young person getting pierced MUST be completely consenting to the procedure and understand exactly what's going on. Always remember that we reserve the right to deny any person a piercing service if we deem it morally/ethically wrong or if we feel the piercing will affect your health/safety negatively. DISCLAIMER: Under NO circumstances will we pierce nipples or genitals on anyone under the age of 18. We also do not perform surface work on individuals under the age of 18.

When can I change my jewelry?

For the most part, we need to wait until the piercing has gone through its initial healing phase where the fistula has fully developed. For most piercings this ranges between 4 and 6 months. The only exception to this is if we are just changing out a top - we can do this after about a month. Changing your jewelry too soon can result in irritation, piercing bumps, scar tissue and other issues as well.

Do I need to bring an ID?

Yes, you do. For anyone over the age 18 you must have a state or federally issued ID that can include drivers license or passport. If you are a minor or a parent bringing a minor in, you need a photo ID for both parent and child and the birth certificate for the child as well. This is non negotiable and we cannot accept anything other than that. For differing circumstances including emancipation, step parents, brother/sister with custody, etc. please contact us and we will discuss further.

Will you pierce my child's earlobe?

Yes! See our Children's Earlobes page under the Piercings tab for more details.