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Guidelines: BEfore, During & After

Piercing Guidelines and care
Freyja Piercing and Fine Jewelry Care guidelines Before, during and after
piercing care


The very first thing you need to do is research your piercer. I always recommend seeing someone who is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers as this shows that they have committed themselves to your health and safety. However, there are plenty of piercers that are amazing, who use superior quality jewelry, and will take great care of you that are not APP members. Go to the studio, look around, talk with the piercer. Look at their portfolios and check out their online reviews. Once you have picked someone that you are comfortable with - set an appointment.This ensures you have their full, undivided attention for an allotted period of time. Prior to the appointment have an idea of what you want to get pierced with a possible second option. Sometimes piercings can't be done due to anatomical reasons or even the piercers moral/ethical views. You should also be sure to have a full meal an hour or two prior to the procedure.

piercing aftercare


Ask questions. Most quality piercers will give you a full run down on everything you need to know with written instructions as well. These are very generalized and sometimes won't carry very specific information that caters to your lifestyle. If you have a question, ask it - we love talking to our clients and we want you to be comfortable knowing that you have all the information we can give you.

Don't bring your entire friends list with you. We have plenty of room here for a friend to have some support while going through the procedure itself, but usually anything more than that can become a distraction and interfere with the procedure. We do have a fairly good sized waiting area so if you do bring a friend, they can look at jewelry, watch tv or just hang out. 

Respect our time and the time of our other clients. We understand that you are nervous and anxious; however, please keep in mind, we aim to bring everyone the best experience possible and we try to make sure all appointments run on schedule so no one is waiting too long.

Lastly - HAVE FUN!! This is a fun and great experience for everyone involved and we want it to be a positive one for you, for us and for your support team.

Piercing after care


Once the piercing is done, try to relax.Take some deep breaths - your body just went through a minor procedure and may need some time to get back to normal. We go over all of our aftercare instructions once the piercing is done and this is also another great time to ask questions as well.

Don't touch the piercing or move it in any way. Avoid it getting hit or pulled on as much as possible and overall just

be careful and mindful of it.

Otherwise, enjoy your new beautiful piercing and make sure that if you do have any further questions or concerns to let us know!

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