COVID-19 Update November 12, 2020

Please read below our new polices before scheduling appointments.

-If you have travelled outside of Maryland, Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, and/or Delaware , please wait a minimum of 14 days of quarantine before scheduling an appointment/visiting the studio. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and other clients.

-If you have been sick or have been around anyone that has been sick, please wait to schedule your appointment for a minimum of 14 days after you are feeling better. 


-Face Masks are required for everyone while inside the studio. 

-We are not offering Oral/Lip Piercings/Services.

-We are not offering Septum Piercings. 

-We are offering Nostril Piercings for the time being.

If you schedule an appointment for the incorrect service, wanting a service we are not performing,  you will be charged the FULL service fee.

-Guests are NOT permitted inside the studio. This includes but is not limited to siblings/children/grandparents.

-17 and under are asked to bring ONE Legal Guardian/Parent.

-We are by appointment only. Please call the studio once you have arrived.

 -Appointments will be strictly to times allotted. Please be on time to your appointment for the respect of others and their appointments. We will consider your appointment forfeited and will charge you the full service fee if you are 10 minutes or more late according to our late/cancellation policy.

-Please fill out the release form before your appointment time. THIS IS REQUIRED PER STATE LAW.

We require a valid State/Government photo ID for every client being serviced.

For anyone 17 and under we require a photo ID for the parent, birth certificate for minor (to show guardianship) and a photo ID for the minor (acceptable forms of ID include state or government issued, school picture, library card etc.) Guardian is to be present at appointment.

Minimum Ages for Piercings

  • Earlobes-5 Years Old

  • Helix/Cartilage(Other than Lobe)-12 Years Old

  • Nostril- 12 Years Old

  • Navel- 13 Years Old

  • Lip- Not Currently offering due to Covid-19

  • Eyebrow-16 years Old

  • Septum-Not offering due to Covid-19

  • Industrial/Orbital-16 Years Old

  • Nipples/Genital/Surface-18 Years Old

Please click the link below to schedule appointment

The consent/release form is to be filled out before your appointment. Please fill it out for the person receiving the service and attach appropriate documentation. (IDs/Birth Certificate)

At this time you will only be able to schedule one service at a time, if you are scheduling for multiple people EACH person must be scheduled.

 When setting your appointment you will be asked to put in your credit card info, your card will not be charged, as this is part of our no show policy. If you cancel your appointment within 12 hours or no show to your appointment, you will be charged the cost of the service fee. If you do not follow the guidelines listed on the website/email including but not limited to Age Restrictions, Appropriate Paperwork, and/or Covid-19 Restrictions, causing a forfeiture of your appointment, you will be charged the full service fee. If you schedule the incorrect service, and the service you would like is one we are not performing, you will be charged the full service fee. By setting your appointment you are agreeing to these terms. 


We require a valid State/Government photo ID for every client being serviced.

For anyone under the age of 18 we require a photo ID for the parent, birth certificate for minor (to show guardianship) and a photo ID for the minor (acceptable forms of ID include state or government issued, school picture, library card etc.) Guardian must be present at time of appointment.


*For children as young as 5, we understand finding photo IDs may be difficult. An option includes taking your child to the DMV and obtaining a state issued ID.

**In special cases having to do with guardianship please contact us and we will discuss the situation with you.

If you should have any questions or need to cancel your appointment please email us at

or call 410-721-8623

*All prices listed are prior to jewelry selection, 6% sales tax, aftercare and tip.

*All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 

*There is a 3% surcharge for any credit card, debit card, gift cards and/or tap (apple pay) transaction.

We DO NOT preform or handle the following piercings:

~Snake Eyes

~Any Oral Frenulum/Webbing 

~Tongue Scoop/Frog Eyes

Every piercing is anatomy dependent and we reserve the right to deny any piercing we deem unsafe or unhealthy. 


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